Software & IT Equipment Leasing

Leasing IT assets can bring significant financial and operational benefits to a business. With our IT Leasing service, you can spread the cost of your purchases over a flexible term with our leasing packages, all for a simple monthly price.

What Is IT Leasing

IT leasing is a type of financing in which you rent IT equipment rather than purchase it outright. You can lease expensive equipment for your business, such as computers or printers. The equipment is leased for a specific period; once the contract is up, you may return the equipment, renew the lease or buy it.

Benefit of IT Leasing

Here are some of the benefit for leasing your computer and network equipment:

  • Conserve capital - spread the cost of your hardware over its lifetime.
  • Tax advantage - every payment is 100% tax deductible.
  • Cost Effective – no need to use valuable working capital to pay for the solution.
  • Fixed payment, which helps you budget and makes the upgrade path to new technology simpler.
  • Option to either renew the contract and replace the equipment for new one.

Leasable Hardware and Software

  • Computer hardware
  • Servers, desktop computers and notebooks
  • Office equipment
  • Routers, switches and network equipment
  • Printers and Scanners
  • Computer software

TechSpace will assist you get the best outcome from start to the end of the lease period. We’ll help you to source the hardware at the best price and also ensure an accurate, full value residual at lease end. Call us today at 02 381-9076 to find out more about leasing computer hardware.

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