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How to solve the problem when Microsoft Office 365 cannot be activated

1. Go to the Control Panel > Program and features page

2. Select your installed Office 365 program and select Change at the top.

3. Then select Quick Repair to repair Office 365. After completion, restart the machine once and try it out.

Note : If the problem still cannot be solved It is recommended to fix it by Online Repair one more time and restart the machine once and try using it. (This type of editing will take longer than usual because the data must be downloaded from the Internet again.)

Method 2 Use tools to help, namely the tool called Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

  1. Download the program accordingly. Link and open the program on the problem machine.

A program window will appear. to log in Log in with the account you want to activate the license for.

2. The system will notify you of various actions to follow and close the file, then press Next.

3.Then the system will check. You can continue until the process is finished and try restarting 1 time.

Credit : วิธีแก้ปัญหาเมื่อ Microsoft Office 365 ไม่สามารถ Activate ได้ตามปกติ (