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How to create Outlook tasks in OneNote

As you take notes and plan projects in OneNote, you might wonder how to manage deadlines and remember the things on your to-do list. You can select text in OneNote and create Outlook tasks that show up in Outlook. Then you can view and track those tasks in Outlook and even get reminders.

  1. In OneNote, select the words that you want to be your task.
  2. In the menu that appears, click the arrow next to the Outlook Tasks button and choose a reminder. A flag appears next to your task in OneNote and your task is added to Outlook. You can create a task that you can track in Outlook.

Tip:  You can also use this menu to add tags. Tags are handy for things like creating to-do lists or marking items as important. Unlike Outlook tasks (flags) though, note tags are a feature of OneNote. You can tag action items in meeting notes in OneNote, but they won’t show up in Outlook.

Find a task in OneNote

  • On the Home tab in OneNote, click Find Tags.
  • You can find tags using the Tags Summary pane in OneNote.
  • Your Outlook tasks will be in the Tags Summary pane on the right.

Note: Outlook tasks are the ones with the flags or check marks. You’ll also see OneNote tags here too, such as things you’ve marked for follow-up or tagged as a question.

You can see tasks at a glance in the Tags Summary.

Mark a task as complete

  • In the Tags Summary pane in OneNote, click the flag next to an Outlook task. The task is marked as completed in both the OneNote Tags Summary pane and in Outlook.

Tip:  Click the check box again to flag the task and add it back to your Outlook tasks.

When you mark a task as complete in Outlook, the task is marked as complete in OneNote when Outlook and OneNote sync. If you check the task as complete in OneNote, it gets marked as complete in Outlook and is removed from your tasks list.

Delete a task

If you decide you don’t need a task, you can remove it. You’ve got two choices: Delete the task from Outlook, which also removes the tag (flag) from OneNote (the text will still be in your OneNote notes) or Remove the tag from OneNote and keep the task in Outlook.

To remove the task from Outlook:

  • Right-click the tag in your notes, and choose Deleted Outlook Task. The text remains in OneNote and the task is removed from Outlook.

To keep the task in Outlook and remove the flag from OneNote:

  • Right-click the tag in your notes, and choose Remove Tag. The tag (flag) is removed from OneNote and the task remains in Outlook.
  • You can delete tasks if you don't want to track them.

OneNote and Outlook work together in other ways too.

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