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How to transfer a domain name to Cloudflare

Please ensure that your domain is not expiring within the next 5 days to initiate a domain transfer. If you have less than 5 days before your domain expires, I strongly recommend you to renew the domain first before initiating a transfer.

  1. Add a Site.
    • Before you can transfer a domain to Cloudflare, you first need to add the site to Cloudflare.
    • Goto Websites menu and enter “Add a site”

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  • Enter the domain name to be transferred and click “Continue”.
  • Select the plan and click “Continue”. You can choose the free plan.
  • Under the review your DNS record page
    • click “Continue”.
    • Next, you will be asked to change your current DNS servers to Cloudflare assigned nameservers:
  1. Copy the assigned nameservers display on your page and go to you current DNS server to update the information accordingly.
  2. Please wait for a few hours for the new nameservers information propagated.
  3. Go to “Websites” listing page to check that the domain status is active. Once active, you are ready to proceed with the domain transfer.

2, Domain Transfer

  • On the main page left menu bar, go to “Domain Registration” and click on “Transfer Domains”
  • Enter authorization code (you can request the authorization code from your previous registrar).
  • Click on “Confirm and Proceed”.
  • Next, enter your billing information and click “Confirm and Finalize Transfer”.
  • Wait for 5 days for the domain transfer to complete.

To ensure that your domain transfer does not affect proper functioning of your email, please checkout the following article: