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cPanel & WHM service URLs

A cPanel & WHM service URL contains four sections:

ProtocolThe protocol that your browser uses to communicate with a remote server. For cPanel, WHM, and Webmail, this value is either http or httpshttps is http over an encrypted connection. We strongly recommend that you use https whenever you access cPanel & WHM services.https://
AddressThe address can consist of either an IP address (for example, or a domain (for example, This section of the URL specifies the remote server that you wish to access. When you use a domain name to access cPanel & WHM services name, make sure that the domain’s DNS information has propagated across the domain name system (DNS)
Port numberWhen you access most websites via http or https, the port number is implied. However, cPanel & WHM services use their own set of port numbers. If you wish to access a cPanel & WHM service over an encrypted or unencrypted connection, you must specify the port number. https and http port numbers are different, even for the same service. To specify a port number, enter a colon (:) followed by a number.2083
Security tokenAfter you log in to your server, it automatically appends a security token to the URL for your session. Security tokens help prevent authorized use of a website through XSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery). Security tokens contain the string cpsess and a 10-digit number.cpsess1234567890

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