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How to install Composer on Windows 10

Composer is a PHP package manager that is used to install PHP libraries and frameworks.
For installation on Windows 10, an installer can be used. We’ll guide you through the process step by step.

1. Download the latest version of Composer

Navigate to the official Composer download page. Installing Composer on Windows is easiest using the Windows installer. You can download it from the website using the
Composer-Setup.exe file.

Clicking on Composer-Setup.exe starts the download of the Windows installer.

2. Launch installer and perform installation

Open the downloaded .exe file by double-clicking on it. Allow the file to make changes to your system. This will launch the Windows installer.

Click Next to continue with the installation. Keep the suggested default path and check the Add this PHP to your path? option. Otherwise, the installation won’t be able to continue.

Check the Add this PHP to your path? box to continue the installation.

You can skip the proxy URL settings. Hit Install to start the installation of Composer on Windows.

3. Verify installation success.

To ensure that the installation of PHP Composer on Windows 10 was successful, launch command prompt and type the following command: