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How to check if Windows 10 is genuine

  1. Start by pressing the Windows key + R to open Run >> type the word ‘cmd’ >> then press OK/Enter.

2. In the case that we type the command slmgr.vbs /dli or slmgr /dli), it will tell us what type of Windows our machine has.

Note :  In that example, the machine is Windows 10 OEM type. If it is FPP, it will appear saying Retail.

Note : If it’s a pirated copy of Windows bought at an online store Or it’s something the store gives you for a price of a few hundred, it will be Enterprise or other type and the expiration date is like in this picture.

Credit : 3 วิธีดู Windows 10 แท้ และตรวจสอบประเภท Windows ด้วยตัวเอง (