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How To Encrypt and Password Protect your USB PenDrive in Window 10

Like we all know Pendrive is one of the most popular ways of sharing data between computers. We share lots of stuff like movies, song and other media from Pendrives. But sometimes we also share some sensitive information or media in Pendrives. We don’t want this information, and sensitive data goes in wrong hands.

How To Encrypt and Password Protect your Pendrive in Window 10 and 7

In this post, I show you how you can secure, and Password protects your USB Pendrive in Window 10 PC. You don’t need to download any third-party software in your Window Computer for securing and Password protect your pen drive.

We use Bitlocker Drive Encryption tool in Window for encrypting and securing your Pendrive in Window PC. Bitlocker Drive Encryption is integrated software in all Window versions. So this trick works in Window versions.

1. Right Click on your USB Drive in your Window Explorer and select Turn on BitLocker option.

Open Properties of your Pendrive

2. In the next Window type the password for securing your Pendrive. Click on Next button.

Window Bitlocker Drive Encryption

3. Now Backup your recovery key. Click on Save to file and save your recovery key in text format on your Computer.

Make sure you Save Recovery file in your computer. If you forget your Bitlocker password, you can recover it through this recovery file. You can also upload this file on any Cloud drive for extra backup.

Window Bitlocker Save Recovery Key

4. Select Encrypt entire drive(slower but best for PCs and drivers already in use) and click on next button.

Encrypt Entire Drive for Bitlocker Encryption in Window


5. Are you ready to encrypt your Pendrive. Click on Start Encrypting button.

6. Now your Pendrive Encryption process started in your Window 10 PC. This process takes some time so sit back and read this post.

Bitlocker Encryption Process in Window PC

When Encryption completes in your Window PC. Plugged out your Pendrive and again Plug-in your Pendrive in your PC.

When you Open your Pendrive in Computer. Your Window 10 asks you enter the password for opening Pendrive like this screenshot.

Password for Bitlocker Encryption in Window 10

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