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How to reset and clean your computer Make it smooth like new. without using a Flash Drive

  1. Type and search for [Reset this PC] in the Windows search bar1, then click [Open]2

2. In the Reset this PC section, click [Reset PC]3.

3. Select [Keep my files]

4. Select [Local reinstall] 5. Note: If you are unable to reinstall Windows via Local reinstall or an error occurs, you can choose Cloud download to reinstall Windows.

5. Click [Change settings].

6. Set the [Restore apps and settings shipped with this PC] option to Yes 7, then select [Confirm]8.

7. Confirm that the settings are correct, then select [Next] 9.

8. You may receive the following notification, select [Next] 10 to proceed with reset.

9. Click [View apps that will be removed]11

10. All your applications will be removed after resetting your computer. The following apps cannot be reinstalled from the Microsoft Store, so you will need to reinstall these apps from the web or installation disk. Select [Back]  12 to proceed to the next step.

11. Select [Reset]⑬ to start reinstalling Windows 11, and your computer will restart after the reinstallation is complete.

Credit : [Windows 11/10] – วิธีรีเซ็ตพีซี | การสนับสนุนอย่างเป็นทางการ | ASUS ประเทศไทย