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Monitor Windows PC Internet Data Usage in Real-Time

1. Shaplus Bandwidth Meter

Shaplus Bandwidth software is simple, easy and also lightweight software for any window users. Shaplus Bandwidth Meter is totally free software without any adware. You can monitor you daily internet usage in real time and also see you whole month data usage in real time.

ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter

Download Shaplus Bandwidth Meter from Official Website

2. Glasswire

Shaplus is simple, but this one is totally an amazing with lots of features. Glasswire comes with the very good interface, that’s why this is one of the most popular internet bandwidth monitoring software.

Glasswire is not totally free, but you can download its free version from its Official website. With Glasswire internet monitoring software, you get inbuilt firewall software, WiFi monitoring and also Who’s on your WiFi or Network software.

Glasswire – Monitor Internet Usage in Window PC

Download Glasswire from Official Website

Monitor your internet data usage in Android Mobile(Real-Time)

Internet Speed Meter is a free app available on Google Play Store for monitoring your internet data usage in real time. You can also see you live internet speed in your android mobile status bar.

Internet Speed Meter

Monitor Internet Usage in Android


Internet Speed Meter Lite

Developer: DynamicApps

Price: Free

Internet Speed Meter Lite Screenshot