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Change your display language in Windows 8

1. Right-click at the screen’s bottom-left corner and from the pop-up menu, choose “Control Panel”.

2a. If your view is by: Category, open “Add a language” under “Clock, Language and Region” group.

2b. If your view is by: Small Icons, open “Language” option.

3. From the list of installed languages, choose the language that you prefer as your operating system display language (e.g. Deutsch, in our example) and choose “Options” on the right.

Notice*: View this article on how to add another language in Windows 8.

4. Choose to open “Download and install language pack” option.

5.  Press “Yes” to “User Account Control” security warning.

7. Relax and let the system download and install the language pack.

8. When the installation is complete, press “Close“.

9. From the main language preferences window, select your preferred display language and press “Move Up“.

10. Close all windows and restart your computer.

Now your preferred language is active!