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How to Install WDS on Windows server 2012 R2

In Windows Server, sign in to the server as a domain admin and open the Server Manager if it’s not will start automatically. If the step by step is time consuming for your, watch the video tutorial at the end of this article.

Windows Server Manager

On the Server Manager click Manage and then click Add roles and features. On the Before you begin page click Next.

Role-based or Feature-based installation page

On the Select installation type page, click Role-based or feature-based installation, and then click Next.

Destination Server for Windows Deployment Services

On the Select destination server page, select the appropriate server, and then click Next. By default the MS2.technig.local server has selected.

Windows Deployment Services Role

On the Select server roles page, scroll down and then select Windows Deployment Services check box. in the Add feature that are required for Windows Deployment Services? click Add Features and click Next. This task will install the Windows Deployment Services Tools which included in Windows Remote server administration tools.

Install Windows Deployment Services Role

On the Select features page, click Next.

Windows Deployment Services Features

On the WDS page once read the information and click Next.

Deployment Server and Transport Server

On the Select role services page, select the role services to install for Windows Deployment Services. Leave these role services selected by default if you want to install both the Deployment Server and Transport Server. Click Next.

Confirm Installation of Windows Deployment Services

Finally on the Confirm installation selections page, click Install.

How to Install and Configure WDS In Windows Server 2012 R2

When the installation process complete successfully, click Close and go to Server Manager dashboard.  Now we have the WDS role and lets try to configure it.